Tom Clancy`s Rainbow Six Siege GAME REVIEW on PS4
June 17, 2018 - Written by Clay lovell Follow Author

Tom Clancy`s Rainbow Six Siege GAME REVIEW on PS4

Tom Clancy`s Rainbow Six Siege

From the start of the game you are surrounded by the tension of a hostage situation, or the calm before you breach a wall infiltrating a terrorist stronghold. Rainbow Six Siege captures something that many games fail to do. The atmosphere you feel while playing an offline Situation or an online match with friends truly allows you to emerge yourself into the game and feel how you would feel doing what your operator is doing.

The first thing a player encounters when entering an online or offline game of Rainbow Six Siege is picking their operator. At the launch there was thirty-eight operators, each had their own specific abilities and equipment. The operators are divided for attacking and defending; you could not use an attacking operator while defending or vice versa. All operators also had specific play styles and roles to play on their respected teams. 

While pc player may have no issue with customization options for controls, the PS4 version has only four locked control options. (Default, Default Lefty, Southpaw, Southpaw Lefty) For a player who enjoys have control over their button layout, this was a bit annoying and made playing the game feel clunky at times. However, the gameplay did not suffer much because of this issue and may not be an issue for some gamers at all. As for the feeling and responsiveness of the guns and abilities, it makes you feel as if you are hold a gun in your hand and the guns look and feel as if they actually have weight to them. The guns do not flash up when you aim down your scope nor does the pistol become instantly ready to use when switching from primary to secondary.

With having a realistic type of combat, Rainbow Six makes your actions feel as if they are having a major impact on the match. As an effect of this, the matches you play can truly be exhilarating. With every pull of the trigger, there is the potential of becoming a hero for your team or to create an opening for a teammate to be saved. Along with potential plays, locating the objective(s) early can make a major difference on how you construct your plan of attack. On the other hand, stopping the attackers from locating objective(s) can and most likely will give the defenders a major advantage. With these advantages or disadvantages, Rainbow Six Siege is at its peak enjoyableness when you and friends work together and successfully defend your objective or inversely, successfully overcoming the enemies' defenses. 

To complement these intense matches, Ubisoft Montreal, has correctly balanced grit and colorful esthetics to make a truly beautiful game. From the glass on windows shattering when busting through them, to the wooden reinforcement you place to block doorways. Everything is made to capture the beauty of life along with the grit of combat. One underrated element of Rainbow is the beauty of the surrounding area. From realistic looking sky scrapers to the small details of a tree next to the road nearby. The esthetics are quite beautiful and can be sometimes distracting during the first couple of matches.

To accompany the great look and feel of Rainbow, the sounds are equally if not more fantastic. The gun sounds are very distinct and depending where you are, if in a small enclosed area or open, each gun will have a different reaction to your environment. Because of this, you may experience teammates who are shooting near you in a small area, and their guns will be abnormally loud. Which can sometimes be disorientating while a multi person gun fight is taking place. I have personally found this to be sometimes a bit too much and lowered the volume. Likewise, the sound effects of the player counter can also be a little too loud during quiet times of a match. Additionally, Rainbow Six Siege`s soundtrack is well made and goes along well with the mood and tone of the game. The menu music is a great starting point when you first start the game to try and feel what the game is about; it gives a sense of potential triumph and devastating losses.

Similar to other online multiplayer games, Rainbow Six siege could be a game you play for 30 hours or 1000 hours. When it comes to Rainbow Six specifically, it is important to get the most amount of enjoyment out of the game. Along with that you grab a few friends and grind you way up the ranks in the competitive playlist inside the matchmaker.  Or you could set yourself a goal of completely unlocking all operators and non-microtransaction camos. Thousands of players have spent thousands of hours playing and strategizing on how to improve. Rainbow Six is the type of game that has as many hours of replay ability as you are willing to give to it.

With all this in mind, I have concluded that Rainbow six Siege, is quite a glory filled game with great sound and art design. With fantastic feel and remarkable gameplay loop to accompany its great look. However, there were some downsides; some audio ques were a bit too loud and at times made it hard to listen for enemy footsteps or enemy activity in general. In contrast to this, the overall game was made quite well and is a joy to play/watch. 

VERDICT: 8.0/10.0



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