Scariest Games of 2018
October 22, 2018 - Written by Ashley Sterio Follow Author

Scariest Games of 2018

Well reader, looks like it’s time to dig out your trick or treat bag and grab your spookiest Halloween costume because we’ve officially made it to October! 

I guess this also makes it the perfect time to talk about scary games, right? Well unfortunately it has been a relatively quiet year for horror games due mainly to the floodgates being opened last year however, that doesn’t mean there hasn’t been any noteworthy releases for the genre. 

Let’s get to it shall we? 

Welcome to the Game II

Indie horror games have slowly crafted their own unique space in the horror genre, since the inception of Five Nights at Freddy’s there has been a new wave of game that heightens tension through multitasking during stressful situations whilst having to face the omnipresent being that frightens you most with no means of defending yourself. Welcome to the Game II excels in this regard. 

In this PC exclusive made by Reflect Studios you play as Clint Edwards, an investigative journalist tasked with digging through the ‘shadow web’ to find clues as to the whereabouts of a girl called Amalea. This is where the core gameplay loop occurs, you’ll be trawling through different genuinely disturbing illegal websites while trying to find a hidden piece of code. Alternatively, you could also be hacking their websites to find a clue so that you can more efficiently search for Amalea. 

The game is not centred solely on Clint’s PC screen however, there are many reasons to look around the apartment complex you are in, I won’t tell you why but know that it could both save and end your life in the game. 

You’re not alone in your search either, there is a multitude of creepy run ins you can have with a wide range of equally disturbing characters, each with their own means of combatting. Not through fighting though, that would be too easy. You can only run and hide in the corner of a room and pray they don’t find you. 

Dark Deception

Everybody has played Pac Man, right? it’s simple control scheme and addictive nature transcends the traditional audience for video games. Now why am I telling you this? Well dear reader, Dark Deception is a story driven first person maze runner in which you have to collect orbs and evade terrifying monsters that are definitely trying to murder you. See the similarities now? 

Fronted by a two-man team under the name Glowstick Entertainment, they are recreating and building upon a browser game they originally worked on. Dark Deception is a free to play indie horror game on Steam that looks like it was made by a major studio. Its gorgeously horrifying graphics amplify the visual scares whilst also making you question how this is a free to play game. This is added with the sound design that brings with it a sense of unending dread that looms over you like an executioner’s axe waiting to drop. 

The team’s plan is to release the game in an episodic format with the second episode planned for a November/December release and costing approximately £6.00. If you’re a fan of pick up and play horror games I’d recommend you give this a try, the first episode is free so why not? 


If like me, you played PT for approximately 15 minutes before having a breakdown and never touching the game again, boy do I have the game for you! 

Forewarning, this game is in early access as of the 22nd October however, it seems that the developers, SadSquare Studios, are committed to creating a genuinely terrifying experience but this could all change in time. With that warning out of the way, lets get back to it.

Visage is an atmospheric psychological horror game currently on Steam for £19.49 in which you explore an ever-changing house in order to figure out its troubled past, all while trying not to be caught be the ‘dark entities’ that lurk each room. 

This game is a slow burner, it builds tension at a crawling pace, not to the point of it fading though, it’s always there slowly eating away at you. The uncanny valley style look to the game really draws the player in to the point of analysing every minute detail in each room as you wait for the scare. Is this room going to be the one that relieves the tension? Or is nothing going to happen? Was that mark on the floor always there? These thoughts become attached to every miniscule movement or action as the nightmare continues and when all this build up finally reaches its peak the scare is truly one of the most terrifying you can have. 

The developers explicitly state that this game is difficult in “unconventional ways”. Mainly because death is as much part of the game as exploring the house is, the knowing that death is such a major aspect adds more layers to the tension, especially as the longer you explore the more it feels as though time is running out for you. 

Visage is an extremely promising game and I hope that this is an early access gem and not just another great game marred by lazy developers. 

What games do you think are the scariest of 2018? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below. 




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