Monster Hunter World Review PS4
June 27, 2018 - Written by Ashley Sterio Follow Author

Monster Hunter World Review PS4

For being my first experience in the Monster Hunter series, I was blown away by the grind and beauty of the creatures you slay. Also, the weapons you are able to choose from truly changes how you strategize to take down a troublesome monster; being able to master your weapon of choice and go learn monsters` patterns to defeat it, is one of the most satisfying experiences I have encountered in quite a while. 

Weapons in MHW (Monster Hunter World) change almost every aspect of how you go about taking down monsters and how you equip your palico. Along with your weapons, your armor matters when hunting specific monster because each monster has certain weaknesses and strengths.  They also have different types of monsters such as flying wyverns and general large monsters; depending on the type, your choice of weaponry could be an advantage for you or could also hinder you in your hunt. There is a total of fourteen types of weapons and each weapon has two main ways to craft them. (Bone/Ore) All fourteen of these weapons have very distinct was they are meant to be used and some weapons give you a big advantage over monsters which fall into its main strengths. For Example, Flying Wyverns like the Rathalos are usually out of range for most of the fight for close range weapons such as the dual blades, but a Bow or heavy bow gun would be able to continuously attack at close and far ranges. In addition, each weapon type affects your mobility and dodging speed. Quick weapons like the dual blades are very easy to dodge attacks with but do less damage per hit. Opposite of that is the hammer which does massive damage per hit however it is not very mobile.  

Having no previous game knowledge of the monster hunter series, there was a fairly steep learning curve in the beginning adventure. The controls were one of the main hurdles for me to get over. However, once I became used to them and mastered it, my tactics also became more precise and calculated. From learning how to quickly switch to my healing items and being able to find an opening to quickly sharpen my weapon was a massive advantage in my fights. The quick switch wheel also allowed me the time to switch to my trapping tools while dodging and setting a good place to trap your prey.  

Most weapons and monsters also have elements tied to them, which affects the damage it does to the person/monster being hit. For instance, a lightning element monster like the Tobi-Kadachi would be weak to water, fire, and ice; therefore, a water weapon would do more damage to it. Same goes for you if you were to be fighting a monster with a water element and you were to be wearing lightning armor. 

Some weapons that have an activation mechanic to them, also have specific sounds to inform you when said activation is ready. Weapons like the charge blade are one of the weapons that I found this little activation sound t be quite handy. It allowed me to focus on the targeted monster and still know when I can attack at full strength. This is also very helpful with the hammer since you can move while charging your hammer. This allows you to make sure you have an opening before attacking and to give you the best chance to hit the monster with the best combo you can.  

Monster hunter world has a total of 31 large monsters and 17 small monsters which all have unique movement and detailed behavior patterns to learn. Learning these patterns will become a great asset when attempting to trap monsters; trapping monsters is a big highlight of MHW for me because it gave me the satisfaction of knowing how a monster would react and where it would go. Trapping also drops more items from the monster and give a higher chance for rare items to drop. 

Correspondingly, all monsters have very unique designs and react in specific ways depending on what you do to them. If you break the bone of an Anjanath`s right front foot, the Anjanath would then start to limp after enough damage has been done to it. In addition to this, if you are attacking the head of diablos and break his horn off his head, the horn will simply drop of the ground to be picked up. It is these little details that make a game beautiful and stand out in my mind.   One of the best things about MHW is completing a full set of armor and fully leveling said armor set to max. To accompany this great loop is being able to hunt in groups of 4 or less and grinding hunts to either help a friend or to finally get that super rare item from your favorite monster. Hunting in a team of 4 and tracking then slaying a Rathalos or any other late game monster is a true treat. 

Monster Hunter World allows you to immerse yourself in the world and truly live out a hunter style fantasy. With all of its beauty, MHW contains some terrifying monsters which make for great contrast and a very compelling world to be in.  
 Monster Hunter World also has gorgeous scenery. The water when fishing looks great and reacts to its surroundings quite well. When a large monster would walk by, there would be ripples in the water similar to the puddle in Jurassic Park scene when the T-Rex first escapes. To go along with that, the fish in Monster hunter world act similarly to how you would think real world fish would act, skittish and scared of potential dangers. However, I don’t think they stay away long enough when spooked. They only stay away for a few seconds when you throw a net or run in the water near them. I personally would rather them to be a little less forgiving in that aspect but overall, the game and AI of the animals in the world are fantastic. 

VERDICT: 9.5/10 



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